Parts Available Amplifier and Tuner Repair

Electronic Musical Instrument Repair

Do you have an old tuner or amplifier that is in need of repair? You can bring it directly to our Hoopeston, Illinois location. We specialize in repairing your electronic musical instruments, including organs by Gulbransen. Our skilled technicians will be able to repair most makes and model tuners, amplifiers, organs or other electronic musical device.

Gulbransen Organ Parts

Over time organ parts can wear out and break. Capacitors can be replaced to get your organ working like new again. We know you can't bring your giant organ in for repair so we will drive to you and make any repairs needed to get your organ working again.

We provide Gulbransen Organ parts and repair services, as well as musical instrument repair for all makes and models. We also repair amplifiers and Electronic Pianos.
Major Brands
Dave's Electronic Service can repair organs from, Gulbransen, Baldwin, Conn, Hammond, Kimball, Lowrey, Thomas, Wurlitzer and Yamaha.
Custom Assembly
Custom production assembly, large or small orders. Circuit board assembly, cable harness, small mechanical assemblies. Quick turn around if needed. Free Quotes, quality and performance references.
Local Service
If you are in the Hoopeston or surrounding area you can drop off your musical instrument for repair. Call or email us for more information.

Dave's Electronic Service, Specializing in Gulbransen Organ Parts and Repair.

At Dave's Electronic Service we specialize in musical instrument repair. We are able to work on a large variety of organs, including Gulbransen and Baldwin. We also sell organ parts for Gulbransen, Hammond, Kimball and more. If you need repair services on your keyboard, amplifiers or electronic pianos we can repair those also. We are located in Hoopoeston, IL and our local shop offers a drop off service at your convenience.

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